Camarines Sur Adventure: Caramoan Island

This blog post is long over due. It has been more than a year since I traveled to Cam Sur and Naga, yet I haven’t publish this post yet due to my busy schedule. But finally! The day has come, and I’m finally sharing with you my Cam Sur trip.

Caramoan, a rugged place of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel on the north and east and Lagonoy Gulf on the south. It has been dubbed as the Emerging Paradise of the Pacific due to its white and pink sand beaches known internationally. Thanks to the reality show Survivor for choosing it as their shooting location.

This place is also full of natural beauty and rich in history, Caramoan stands proud as a real tourism gem of Bicolandia. Long travel hours is all worth it.


  • Via Cebu

The nearest airport around this region are Naga and Legazpi, and the nearest one is the Naga airport. So if you’re travelling from Manila I highly suggest to choose Naga as your jump off point. But in my case since there are no direct flights from Cebu to Naga I opt for Legazpi instead. Philippine airlines and Cebu Pacific are flying daily to Legazpi. So be on the look out for seat sales, was able to book mine during Cebu Pacific’s piso sale.

Travel time to Caramoan would take 7-8 hrs. So be prepared and have enough rest. To do so, I have decided to spend a night in Naga and also to explore around the city. Travel time from Legazpi to Naga is around 2-3 hours. Just head to the van terminal near SM Legazpi.

From Naga to Caramoan, you need to take a 5-6 hours bus ride. The bus terminal is also located near SM Naga.

Before heading to the highlight of this post, let’s just go over first a few things you can do if you choose to drop by Naga.


  • Plaza Rizal
  • St. John the Evangelist Metropolitan Cathedral

There are few additional things to visit and do in Naga, unfortunately I just spent an over night. So if you’re planning on staying longer I suggest to plan you’re itinerary properly.


Mostly, the things you can do in Caramoan are island hopping. Here are the things you can do, places to visit and the few islands to go:


  • St. Michael De Archangel Parish – The red church of Caramoan, which was built in the 16th century.
  • Matukad Island – One of the smaller islands in Caramoan Peninsula, which have fine white sands and limestone cliffs.
  • Enchanted Lagoon – This is the lagoon that houses the mysterious milk fish. Legend has it that this milk fish is enchanted. Don’t wanna spoil, so I suggest you head over there and know for your self. 🙂
  • Lahus Island – The name was derived from the tagalog word “laho” as the white sands tends to vanish during high tide. It is best to visit during low tide.
  • Hunongan Resort Sight Seeing – a secluded beach that has been developed into a resort by the local government.
  • Caramoan Souvenir Shop – I for one is not a fan of souvenirs, photos and memories are enough for me. But if you are a type of person who want’s some remembrance. This is the place.
  • Kinalasan sa Laguerta – It is a Bicolana dish consisting of noodles and scrapped meat, for me it is some what similar to batchoy. If you are keen on trying this out, you can head over to Kinalasan sa Laguerta just a few blocks away from St. Michael De Archangel Parish. This dish is worth to try.


  • Manlawe Beach/Sandbar – It is well known for its floating cottages and wide white sandbar measuring around 1 kilometer.
  • Guinahoan Island and Light House – dubbed by our tour guide as Batanes of Caramoan. I think you already know what that means, but if you don’t, this island have some few similarities with Batanes due to vast rolling hills and cliff facing the Pacific Ocean.
  • Cotivas Island and Sandbar – an island that lies in between the bigger islands of Lahuy and Basot.
  • Bag-ing Beach – One of the islands where Survivor has been shot.


  • Cagbalinad Island
  • Tres Marias Snorkeling Area
  • Mina-Lajos Island
  • Busdak Beach
  • Gota Beach Sightseeing
  • Bugtong Sandbar
  • Sabitan-laya Beach
  • Baliti Beach –
  • Liwan Beach
  • Lahuy Island Sight Seeing


We stayed in a home stay, but unfortunately due to short term memory I’m no longer able to recall what was the name of the place (not even on google maps) given that my trip was a year back. But since I was already on google maps trying to find the name of the place we stayed, here’s a few that I have found near the neighborhood.

  • Caramoan Victoria’s Inn
  • Hazel’s and Ala’s Beach Resort
  • Paniman Bay Lodge
  • Explorers’ Headquarters Inn

You can also check-out Airbnb, don’t have an account yet? Sign up using this LINK, and get 1 600 PHP off on your first accommodation booking and 600 PHP off on your first adventure.


Most of the mentioned places above are accessible via boat and is already included in the tour if you’re going to rent a pump boat. But if you chose to roam around Caramoan, you can just hail a habal-habal or you can also rent a car or motor bike, just make sure you always have your drivers license with you.


Usually homestays offers set meals that you can order. If you want to explore more options just feel free to roam around Paniman as there are few eateries to choose from.

Here’s some additional photos from our trip.

So there you have it, the things you need to know about Camarines Sur Adventure: Caramoan Island.

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