Why I keep coming back to you, Siargao.

Siargao was not named as the best holiday destinations for 2020 by Conde Nast Traveler and the surfing capital of the Philippines for nothing. But aside from surfing, the island is also home to other exciting activities which are ideal for non-surfers.

It was November 29, 2017 when I first visited the island. Yes! I still remember the date, since it was the day the I fell in love with Siargao. Home is where my heart is, but I can safely say that Siargao is on the same level.

It is the place where I have experienced the real meaning of island life. From the sense of community where I feel a familiar feeling even I don’t know anyone in the island, Filipinos are indeed very hospitable, next is the food, then beautiful beaches facing the Pacific Ocean and beautiful sunrise and sunsets, to the fresh air and palm trees surrounding you. Plus the island is picture perfect in every angle. These are just a few reasons why I keep coming back, but now I will tell you more specific reasons why I keep coming back and it might convince you to finally set the date, book that flight and finally visit the island.


Different kind of accommodation are available in the island, from high end hotels, hostels and home-stays. It is guaranteed that locals while go the extra mile to make your stay a memorable one if you’re going to stay in hotels and hostels. But if you want to experience the life in the island, I strongly suggest you choose a home-stay. Home stay can be as relax, clean, cozy and instagrammable as hotel accommodations, not only that they are affordable.

My go to accommodation is Kubo Siargao Homestay. You can book them via  Airbnb, don’t have an account yet? Sign up using this LINK, and get 1 600 PHP off on your first accommodation booking and 600 PHP off on your first adventure.


Finally learn how to ride the waves.

It’s a take away, given it’s reputation as the surfing capital of the Philippines. Siargao is ideal for both seasoned surfer and first timer as the island is surrounded by different surfing breaks. If you’re new, you can head over to the most famous surfing spot, the famous Cloud 9.

Enjoy the golden hour.

Golden hour have their own kind of magic, that we find it very captivating. Especially, the one that you see when you wake up, the sunrise. A good reminder that a lovely day is about to start. The best place to witness this if by the beach. So wake up early and head over to Cloud 9. I promise waking up early at this beautiful island will all be worth it.

Extreme Outdoor Activities

There’s more to Siargao than surfing. If you’re an adventure seeker, you can either go cliff jumping in Sohoton Cove, sort of cliff dive from a jumping board at Sugba Lagoon, enjoy the islands only wake-boarding park, swing over the bent tree at Maasin bridge or traverse under the very dark yet full of adrenaline cave experience at Tayangban cave.

Go Island Hopping

A Siargao trip would not be complete without exploring the different white sand islets and islands surrounding the mainland.

Feel the sun, get the needed vitamin sea, the waves and the wind on your face in a tri-island adventure, Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island, and as an add on you can also include the Corregidor Island.

Heading over to Sugba Lagoon? You can also include Pamomoan Beach and one of my favorite island in Siargao, the Kawhagan Island.

Unspoiled Natural Reserves and Destination

Yes! That’s right Beside the famous Cloud 9, Sugba Lagoon and surfing scene, Siargao have stunning natural reserves. I’m talking about Bucas Grande, home of the stingless jelly fish and Sohoton Cove.

Of course, definitely not the least, the magnificent Magpupungko Rock Pools, best viewed and experienced during the low tides.

Colorful and Vibrant Night Scene

Siargao may be an island, but one thing is for sure, it has a very colorful party scene. If you’re looking for the best night out, head over to Rum Bar, Baile, and Jungle Bar. The party scene in Siargao runs on schedule, so better ask the local which place is having the party for that night. It is indeed a great way to end the day exploring the island, also an ideal after party after a delicious meal.

Mouthwatering Food Options

Siargao is home for almost every nationality. It feels like you’re no longer in the Philippines, so to cater the tourist visiting Siargao they have step up their game on food choices. Here are some places I have tried.

  • Bravo
  • Kermit
  • Shaka Cafe
  • Harana
  • Mama’s Grill
  • La Carinderia
  • Aventino’s
  • Miguel’s Taqueria
  • Emelia’s Restobar and Paluto

If your accommodation have a kitchen, you can also head out to their market and buy some fresh seafood.

Chase Some Waterfall

I’ve only heard one waterfall in Siargao and if you’re in Santa Monica I suggest take the turn and visit the place as it is worth the side trip as well.

Light House Hopping

Who doesn’t want to be on top of the world? Well it’s just an exaggeration, but if you want that 360 degree view overlooking view of the pacific ocean and palm trees surrounding Siargao this is for you. You can visit the one near Pacifico beach (you can pin this location in google maps: 9.95465 126.09806) or the one near Magpupungko Rocks. This light houses are abandoned which makes it ideal for me time.

More photos here.

So there you have it, the things you need to know about Why I keep coming back to Siargao.

Don’t forget to follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM. See you on the next one.

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