Dolphin Watching and Apo Island

Apo is a Filipino term which means “grandchild”, but if you are in Negros specifically around Dumaguete area it can also mean a volcanic island under the jurisdiction of Dauin, Negros Oriental. The marine habitat surrounding the island is a marine reserved protected by National Integrated Protected Area (NIPA).

As a marine reserve this island boasts various species of fish and corals, it is also a good spot to interact with the dolphins and sea turtles.

So if you happen to be in Negros Oriental, it is a must, to go on a side trip to Apo island.

From Zamboanguita it would take around 30 – 45 minutes to reach the island. We were so lucky to be greeted by dolphins before reaching the island, they were basically racing with our boat. As per the boatman, dolphins usually shows up early morning and late afternoon. So I guess waking up as early as 5 AM was not so bad after all.

Upon arrival on the island you are required to pay an entrance/environmental fee which is also used in taking care of the island.

Once done paying, you will be asked if what activities you want to do, if you are interested to explore and experience the rich marine habitat, they will assign you a guide with a fee. You will be then oriented on what needs to be done to conserve and protect the marine species during your activity.

But if you are not up to go snorkeling. You can just explore around the island. You can even trek to the light house if you want to, or you can just stay on a cottage and order food to eat.


100 PHP


  • 6 pax – P2500
  • 8 pax – P3000
  • 10 pax – P3500


Snorkeling Guide: 300 PHP good for 5 person

Snorkeling Gear: 100 PHP

Life vest: 200 PHP


Apo Island is accessible from Dumaguete City. If you want to do it DIY and commute, you can follow this directions.

  • Hop on a Ceres bus heading to Zamboangita.
  • Inform the conductor to drop you off at Malapatay, Zamboanguita.
  • Walk toward the port and rent a boat to Apo Island. You can also look for other joiners to share costs with you for the boat rental.

That’s it for now, and see you on the next articles. Thanks for dropping by.

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