Forest Camp Mountain Resort

We experience ups and downs in our lives. And it was February of 2019 when I have reached my rock bottom. My mental health was affected already, and I told my self I need to reset, I need a breather. Luckily my office-mates are planning to visit Dumaguete. So I took the chance and joined them on their trip.

We have travelled all the way from Cebu to Dumaguete via land trip.

Our first day was supposed to be a free day, and I don’t want to stay in the hotel and do nothing. I just need myself to be occupied with something else and forget my worries and fears.

So I asked the front-desk what nearby places we can visit, and they have suggested Forest Camp. I was born and raised in Negros and I haven’t heard of that place, so it piqued my interest and told my colleagues about it, and that’s when our journey to Forest Camp started.


Forest Camp is a mountain resort situated in Valencia, with cool temperature due to the trees and river that the resort have. It is about 20-30 minutes travel from the city proper.

The place have a tropical vibe, like Bali-ish vibe that I can see on Instagram. They also have several natural pools with a “kawa” that you can dip into.

Aside from dipping into their super cool natural pools, they also have various activities that you can try:

  • Zip Line
  • Wall climbing
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Horse back riding

Here are few of the photos taken during our visit.


via Dumaguete proper you can charter a tricycle, normal rate is 200 PHP. But if you are in a group, then that’s a good thing since you can divide the expenses.


100 PHP per pax.

That’s it for now, and see you on the next articles. Thanks for dropping by.

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