Things You Need to Learn About Legazpi, Albay: The Gateway City of Bicol

This blog article is long over due, a year after my visit! But finally I had the chance to finish this. In this article I will be discussing the awesome things you can do in Legazpi, Albay.

Legazpi is often referred to as the Gateway City of Bicol, because of its relative proximity to the provinces of the region due to its geographical location. It is also the home to the well known Mayon volcano. But besides the Mayon, this place have a lot more to offer.


1. Lignon Hill Nature Park

A 156 meters hill at the foot of Mayon volcano. But before it was converted to a natural park, Lignon hill serves as an alternative to a watchtower, since downtown port area can be seen on the top of the hill, an ideal place to spot pirate ships during the old days. The sole reason why it is also dubbed as city’s protector. But besides of being an alternative watch tower, it also blocks the flow of lava whenever Mayon decides to have some volcanic activities.

From the entrance of the nature park it will require a 15 minute uphill trek. If you are not up for it, look for a transportation that can drop you of at the top of the park.

A gazebo will welcome you at the top of the park. It houses several souvenir shops and snack bars. Other things you can do here are:

  • Zip Line
  • ATV
  • Hanging bridge crossing

2. Legazpi Boulevard

One of the picturesque roadsides I have seen, as it faces the Albay gulf and on the other side is a hill (Katipunan) also called sleeping lion and of course, the Mayon.

Aside from site seeing and a good place to hang out during early morning and late afternoon, it is also a good place to dine have some drinks, and enjoy the view as it is also surrounded by restaurants and bar.

3. Cagsawa Ruins Park

Remnants of the 16th century Franciscan church, which was burned by the pirates during the old days. It has been rebuilt but unfortunately Mayon volcano eruption brought it’s second demise.

It is one of the popular tourist spot, as the Mayon volcano stands as a backdrop of the old church. This park is also surrounded by several snack bars and souvenir shop.

4. ATV Tour

I think this activity is a must whenever you’re in Legazpi. An amazing experience to be up close with the Mayon volcano.

Various tour operators offer their services just outside the Cagsawa park. Theses tour services have various trails that you can choose from and explore.

Here are the trails that they offer:

  • Mayon ATV Challenge
  • Mayon to Lava Front
  • Mayon Advance Trail
  • Mayon ATV Summit

I opted for the Mayon to Lava front since I’m on a budget, but I was lucky that my guide is nice that he offered a few additional stops and route that are not included on my selected package.

So far those are the places and activities that I was able to enjoy when I was in Legazpi. If I miss anything that would be an awesome addition to the list, please leave it on the comments below.


Now that we’re done with places to visit and things to do. A travel isn’t complete without food!

Here are the places I that I was able to visit and enjoy the food that they offer.

1st Colonial Grill

They serve authentic Bicol dishes and also the home of the the famous sili ice cream.

Small Talk Cafe

A favourite hang out place and eat for the locals. The type of food they offer? Bicolano fusion cuisine is there specialty!

One of their must try or their “Talk of the town” dishes are the Bicol express pasta; our favourite Bicol express (alamang, pork, sili and gata) suated with garlic and noodles, and their Mayon Sandwich; laing/pinangat in a sandwich roll, breaded and deep fried.


When traveling book your accommodation in advance. I usually book my accommodation via AirBnB, but since I didn’t intend to push through with my travel, but had a change of mind the last minute I ended up booking my room while I was waiting for my flight.

Going back, you can also use AirBnB to book your accommodation. If you don’t have an account you can use this LINK to sign-up for an account and get a 1 600 PHP discount on your first booking.

For my Legazpi trip here are the places I have stayed. Both accommodation are ideal as it is near the center and most importantly it is near the airport.

Golite Hostel

Booked their Superior room good for 2 via Agoda for only 830 PHP.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn

Was able to book a room good for 2 for only 650 PHP you may booked using this number: 0975 047 2759.

So there you go, Legazpi, Albay.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to share with you my other travel in the Bicol region: The Naga stop-over and Camarines Sur adventure.

Don’t forget to follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM.

Also, check-out my Camotes Island trip.

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