I always get questions how do I manage to jet off every now and then. The answer is because of seat sales. Yes, airline seat sales are legit! If you’re wondering why couldn’t you book any or the price is slightly different than what is being advertised, it is because seats that are offered are limited.

If you’ve been trying to book these seat sales and still not able to snag that low cost seats you might want to check this out if you’re doing it right. But before that let’s educate ourselves with some facts to understand how seat sale works, and you’re welcome by the way.

  • SEATS ON SALE ARE LIMITED – yes, not all seats will be up on sale. If you’re wondering why you couldn’t find any, here’s your answer.
  • ADVERTISED AIRFARE RATE OFTEN REFERS TO BASE FARE – it is basically the cost of the seat, excluding other charges such as, fuel surcharge, aviation security fee, vat, aviation security fee and administrative fees.
  • BE EARLY AND FAST – Since seats are limited, you would want to book and pay for that reserved ticket right away. It’s now or never, baby!
  • BOOK VIA INCOGNITO – Cookies stored in your browser have something to do with it, it causes the price to increase when a specific route is being search multiple times.

Now that we know how seat sales work. Let’s go down to business and go over that helpful tips to snag that precious seat sale!


We don’t want to be surprised if there is a seat sale, after all we still need to plan our destination and convenient days for us to travel.

First off, have an account with different airlines and make sure you have enabled to receive newsletters and notifications be it via email or SMS. Usually they send seat sale notifications to their members before they publish it online.

Second, follow their respective social media accounts. From Facebook to Instagram or anything that can be used by them to disseminate these seat sales. Again enable push notifications.

Third, be aware of the holidays. They usually release the seat sale on these dates.


Again, seat sales are limited so you need to be early and fast! You don’t want to waste no time. Seat sales are usually published by midnight, so stay up all night if needed. Also have these ready before the sale. These are as follows.

  • Destination and Travel dates – These details are always included on the seat sale notification. Make sure to check that out so you can plan ahead your departure and destination airports, and of course if the travel dates you want are included in the seat sale, much better to have flexible travel dates.
  • Passenger details – these info refers to the complete name, birthdate, gender, nationality, and if travelling internationally have that passport details ready. If you have your usual travel buddies you can prestore their details on your guest list.
  • Payment details – NOT ALWAYS, payment center mode of payment is enabled, so if you have a debit or credit card have it ready, you can also prestore these details on your airline membership account.
  • Alternative travel dates and destination.
  • Fast and reliable internet.

BOOK FOR ONE OR TWO PERSON – Again, seats under sale are limited, the more number of passengers you try to book the more chance the price will go up. If possible, if booking for multiple person and routes have multiple flights on that day, book the flights that are not of the same time, let’s say two of you will travel on the first flight and the next few passengers will be on the next flight out.

BOOK ON AIRLINE WEBSITES – Third party booking sites will also offer cheap seats, but the cheapest way to snag the seat sales is to book it from the source.


  • When booking for an international flight and don’t have the spot cash to pay for the travel tax, just proceed with the booking, a tab about travel tax will pop on the next booking screens, just untick it viola you can skip paying it right away. Travel tax can be paid on the date of travel on the TIEZA booth of the airport.
  • Booking on Cebu Pacific and rerouted to a queue? I suggest you use a mobile app in booking.

Now that you are ready to grab those seat sale, for sure you will need an accommodation for your travels. With that I will be giving you a DISCOUNT worth 1 600 PHP for your accommodation and 600 PHP on your activities and tours when you book via AirBnB, just simply sign-up using THIS LINK and the discount is yours.

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3 thoughts on “Tipid Travels: TIPS ON HOW TO BOOK A FLIGHT SEAT SALE.

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