The Most Colorful Festival in the Country: Dinagsa Festival.

Cadiz, officially the City of Cadiz (HiligaynonDakbanwa/Syudad sang Cadiz), is a 2nd class city in the province of Negros OccidentalPhilippines.

It is one of the few cities that celebrates a festival in honor of Santo Niño, which is called the Dinagsa Festival, a celebration that is held annually on the last week of January.

The festival began in 1972 and was first known as Cadiz City Ati-atihan Festival. It was only in 2002 that the festival was called “Dinagsa,” a name that is rightly Cadiznon. “Dinagsa” refers to the Hiligaynon word “dagsa” which means to come in groups. It refers to an incident on May 5, 1967, when whales were stranded in the town’s shore. A phrase that can also be heard on the Cadiz City hymn “Dakbanwang Nalulutan”. Each whale measured forty feet long and eight feet in height, and the first group was followed by ten more whales five days after. Which results for the city to be dubbed as the City of Whales.

For many years now, these two have co-existed during the highlights, making the Cadiz fiesta a religious celebration and at the same time, a fun event for all ages. 

Activities during the event are cultural shows, showcasing of Cadiz agricultural produce, live bands, and the street dancing competition. During the street dance competition, townsfolk and tourist also enjoys the “Lamhitanay sa dalan” – an old age tradition where people smears coal to each other, but what makes it unique is that colorful latex paints are used during the Festival. Get yourselves ready to become a human canvass of abstract art. Everybody enjoys the fun during this activity with all smiles and laughter on their faces.

Other activities that you can enjoy before the festival highlights are the following:Dinagsa Queen – An annual beauty pageant showcasing the beauty and brains of Cadiznon women. Winner of this pageant will then represent the City on the annual Lin-ay sg Negros.

Photo grabbed from princessjhoii.gabiota
  • Star ka sa Cadiz – a contest that offers Cadiz best talents.

  • Ginoong Cadiz – is an annual male beauty pageant in Cadiz, but for the past few years, this has been stopped by the organizers, and this year it made it’s come back. Known as “Ginoong Cadiz: The Rebirth”.

  • Best of Negros – other way to commemorate the festivities of Dinagsa, it’s like little Panaad sa Negros, since almost every city and municipality in the province comes over to Cadiz and showcase their respective festivities.

Wondering how Dinagsa festival ends? Well there’s this common phrase “End it with a bang” and that’s what they did.

After the Ati-atihan and Lamhitanay sa Dalan, street party starts with the famous DJ’s and local bands playing your favorite song while you groove, and just before midnight strikes, it’s time for the city skies to light up just like the colorful lamhitanay you had.

Time to look up and enjoy the amazing fireworks, or if with you’re with your special someone a quick kiss would be better.LOL

(c) Barangay Burgos, Cadiz City

Now, make sure you’re present for next year! don’t worry you still have a year to prepare for it. See you on the next one.

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