A Quick Side Trip to Chapel of Cartwheels

I was born and raised in Negros Occidental, and sad to say, in my 23 years of existence I never had been to the Chapel of Cartwheels.

Luckily, we had a quick escape, yes! Quick escape, since I just stole my cousins vehicle and drove with my childhood best-friend together with my other cousin to have some snacks at Bulak’s, a nearby roadside restaurant in Manapla.

While we where there and about to finish with our food, I’ve asked them if they’ve have been to the Chapel of Cartwheels, and guess what? they’ve never been to as well, so we decided to come and see it at last.

Chapel of Cartwheels is just around 1 km. away from the highway.

Located at Gaston Compound in Hda. Rosalia, Municipality of Manapla.

You will know if you have arrived to the place since the Gaston mansion will greet you, unluckily we were not able to see the place since it’s close and gated, and strictly no tresspassing.

Photo grabbed from Google.

Just outside the Gaston mansion, Chapel of Cartwheels stood beautifully, you will be amazed by it’s structure since it is made literally of cart wheels.

The chapel is ideal for intimate wedding with close family and friends, and also baptism, regular mass is also being held there as per the local whom we asked.

Inside the chapel, you’ll find mortars and pestles used as a holy water receptacle and candle holders. You’ll also find a huge-boulder, that’s already centuries-old, made into an altar. On the middle portion of the chapel it have some windows made of assorted colors glasses, mosaic like, while the benches were made of hardwood which was prepared by the families who regularly attends the mass.

The chapel is open to the public who visit the town.

That’s it for now, and see you on the next articles. Thanks for dropping by.

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