Camotes Islands: The Lost Horizon of the South

Camotes Islands is a group of islands in the Camotes SeaPhilippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island.

Sometimes known as the “Lost Horizon of the south”, within recent years Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism and a growing expatriate community. Apart from natural attractions on land, there is also a score of dive sites around the islands. Too bad tho I don’t know how to swim.

Planning to go there? First up, you need DIRECTIONS and ACCOMMODATION.


Actually you have two options, you can ride a Ferry from Lapu-Lapu but that option is not cost efficient.

What we did is we ride a bus From Ceres North Bus Terminal bound for Danao. Just ask the conductor to drop you off at the port.

Fare at 60 PHP, air conditioned bus.

From there, go to Sand’s, it’s a small building and the entrance to the RoRo terminal.

There are several ports in Camotes, but we prefer Consuelo port.

Before heading there, make sure you have check the ferry schedules. Lucky us, we were able to catch the ferry that was about to leave.

Fare at 250 PHP.


Bellavistamare Beach Resort

You can get their non-aircon room good for two at 800 PHP.

Bellavista’s terrace facing the Santiago White Beach.

Santiago Bay and Garden Resorts

Room rates starts at 1000PHP, ideal if you’re a pool person since they have 2 infinity pools and a nice garden area.


  • Santiago White Beach : A public beach where you can get to enjoy the wide white sand area of the island, it has huts that you can use (free of charge), also lots of food restaurants and SuTuKil that are lining up by the beach.
Beach area of Santiago White Beach.

Lake Danao: A nice calm lake where you can enjoy several activities such as ziplining, boat rowing, feeding the fishes on the lake, and go the the a small islet in the middle of the lake. They have also several restaurants in the lake where you can enjoy a nice and fresh buko juice at 35 PHP.

Entrance fee: 15 PHP

Buho Rock Resort: I refer to this place as Camotes’ diving spot. Since they have this plank that lets you jump out of the open sea.

Entrance: 20 PHP.

Lucky to witness the golden hour.

Bukilat Cave: Bukilat Cave is one of the eight natural caves and the most popular among them.

This prominent cave is interestingly located on the island of Camotes in its northeastern side. 

It is called after the name of a local leader (‘Bukilat’) who was residing close by when the cave was first discovered long time ago.

Unlucky, we arrived at the cave at around 4 o’clock so it was quite dark inside.

Entrance: 20 PHP.

Entrance of the cave.

Mangodlong Rock : is a popular resort on Camotes Island having its own private cove (sandy beach area) and a small rocky outcrop that has few cottage huts to relax in.

Entrance: 20 PHP.


If you know how to drive, you can rent several type of vehicle ranging from motorbike, multicab or van.

You can contact Camotes Island and Motorbike Rental and Tours | 0916 798 0004. Rental at 500 PHP. Spent around 150 PHP for the gas.

If not, need not to worry since there are lots of habal-habal drivers waiting at the port area.

Now, how can you enjoy traveling if you don’t have food?


PITO’s SuTuKil got you covered.

It’s located at Santiago White Beach, they have amazing and delicious food at reasonable prices. Plus their staff are friendly and would even recommend where you can go and the activities you can enjoy.

You can also enjoy the restaurant at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.

Though the price is not suitable for budget travelers. Nonetheless both offer good food that can satisfy your hungry stomach.

Please check-out our Camotes travel video: Camotes Island: The Lost Horizon of the South

That’s it for now, and see you on the next articles.

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